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Our commercial energy assessors are Public Building Energy Assessors producing hundreds of Display Energy Certificates year on year. With years of experience in the building industry and having undertaken tens of thousands of energy assessments.

What is a DEC

A display energy certificate (DEC) shows the energy performance of a building based on its actual annual energy consumption and the CO2 emissions that result from that energy use. This is shown as a rating from A to G, where A has the lowest CO2 emissions (best) and G the highest CO2 emissions (worst).

The rating is also shown as a number. A typical building of its type would have a rating of 100. A building with twice the typical CO2 emissions would have a rating of 200 (or G).

A DEC must be accompanied by an advisory report containing recommendations for improvement of the energy performance of the building. The DEC must be renewed every year. The advisory report is valid for seven years.

Buildings may also require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if it is sold, built or let. The EPC rating shows the performance of the building’s fabric and fixed services. By contrast, the DEC rating shows how well the occupier is using energy within a building and the trend over the last three years.

How To Order

Simple – Click the ‘Book Now’ button on this page, which will direct you to the ‘Contact’ page. You can choose any of the contact methods to contact our office and place an order. If you could provide information for: – Full Property Address – Access Details – Description of building size and/or usage.

How Long Does It Take

Display Energy Certificates can be produced within 24 hours of the site visit, dependant on the information provided from the building managers

Why Get An a DEC

The threshold for the requirement of a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) in public buildings has been reduced to a total useful floor area over 500m2. All certificates need to be on display by 9 January 2013.

Public buildings requiring a DEC are those that are occupied in whole or part by public authorities and by institutions providing public services to a large number of persons and therefore frequently visited by those persons.

DEC Collaboration

The occupier, in collaboration with the energy assessor, will need to know the floor area of the building being assessed and to obtain actual meter readings or consignment notes for all fuels used in the building, over the period of one calendar year (365 days).

Who Can Produce a – DEC

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, only accredited Domestic Energy Assessors can produce valid EPCs. We are accredited with all major accreditation company. (Elmhurst Energy, Stroma, BRE, Quidos, NHER, NES)